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Costume Measurement sheet

Our Sizing Chart

costume measurement sheet | Our Sizing Chart

1. Measure your chest

With good posture, wrap a measuring tape under your arms around your back and take the measurement at fullest part of your chest. Be sure to keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor.

2. Measure your waist

Our waist can be a difficult area to measure! The natural waistline is halfway between the lowest rib you can feel and the top, outside edge of the hip bone. One trick might help you find this spot are to stand up straight and tilt over. Where your torso creases is where your waistline is.

Kid Size Age Chest Waist Height
XS / 90 2-3 yo 45-51cm 43-49cm 85-90cm
S / 100 3-4 yo 49-55cm 45-51cm 95-105cm
M / 110 4-5 yo 53-59cm 47-53cm 105-115cm
L / 120 5-6 yo 57-63cm 57-63cm 125-135cm
XL / 130 6-7 yo 61-67cm 51-57cm 125-135cm
XXL/140 8-9 yo 67-70cm 57-63cm 135-140cm

Adult Size Chest Waist Height
S 80-88cm 65-70cm 156-164cm
M 86-92cm 71-76cm 164-172cm
L 92-97cm 76-82cm 170-182cm
XL 97-102cm 82-87cm 178-188cm
XXL 102-109cm 97-92cm 180-193cm
XXXL 109-122cm 92-109m 184-196cm

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